Solar Qigong Lessons are here!                       

Learn how to practice Solar Qigong with easy to follow video lessons. No difficult forms or complicated routines. The focus is on mind training, following the internal Qi circulations inside of the body.  A free 3-day trial is available. Hit the subscribe button to go to the page.


Learning the complicated forms used in many Qigong styles can be daunting. Solar Qigong utilizes a simple stance anyone can master. The work involves breathing and following internal energy circulation with the mind. To the pointvideo instruction makes learning easy.

How self improvement can be as easy as your next breath!

Who can deny life is about self-improvement. Many of the ideas designed to change yourself lead to more of the same. The inspiration you have been searching for is found inside of your breath. Enthusiasm for life is found in fresh energy. Solar Qigong is an exciting way to cultivate energy.

Discover How to practice Solar Qigong

An affordable way you can learn Solar Qigong. Practice with me via video in the comfort of your own home. Follow simple instruction and cultivate more energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm in your life now!




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