Qi Gong is an effective way to balance body and mind with simple movement and breathing.

 Qi Gong practice will allow you to have more energy throughout the day and help relieve tension, stress, and anxiety. These exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities to learn at home with easy to follow video instruction. Regular practice can vastly improve health and immunity to disease. Qi Gong balances body and mind, improves concentration, inspiration, and enthusiasm for life.

A monthly subscription of $11.11 gives you access to all of the video lessons. Press the subscribe button and start practicing today.

"Qigong rapidly produced profound changes in my life. This practice has helped me work through limitations I had unconsciously accepted and lived with for years. Solar Qigong complements every aspect of my life, professionally, personally and spiritually."   @qigongwoman

"Thank you so much for your Video Lessons. The techniques are easy to follow and watching them creates harmony and joy within me."                                               @d.inahchka

"Professor Qi is super genuine. I trust my Heart in his hands."                                                  @massagebyhaydendotcom

A free 3 day trial is available.                                             


Since 1993

Solar Qigong is an exciting way to cultivate energy and improve your overall health.                                             -Lower blood pressure, relieve stress. -Cardiovascular improvement.              -Overcome chronic fatigue and pain.     -Promote inspiration and enthusiasm -Integrate body, mind and energy.

Blogs and videos about Qigong and health

I have practiced Acupuncture since 1986. I want to share ways to stay healthy. Interesting ideas about human growth and potential. Ways to make the Qigong lifestyle work for you.





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