Direct the Breath with your Mind

The mind can direct the breath. Using mind power, it is possible to breath into every part of the body. Breathing is how energy or Qi enters the body. Red blood corpuscles gather oxygen and carry it throughout the body. This happens automatically all the time without the help of the mind. However, the energy conveyed by the breath can be manipulated with the mind. Through the power of imagination, the mind can guide energy to circulate along chosen pathways. Imagination is the most important function of the mind. Everything in this world is imagined.

Somehow the misconception that imagination is a game for children and dreamers is common. The truth is people use imagination to build the world from memory. Every day tremendous amounts of mental and emotional energy is employed to recreate the human personality into existence. Everybody imagines themselves being compelled into action by agreements and values handed down by others in the past. Being unconscious of imagination to create each new day, is considered normal.

Imagination is the internal space prior to thinking. Imagination is not afraid to ask for something new. Typically, the mind is a tool to measure, assess and calculate data that has been detected by the five senses. The senses are designed to gather information about things that we can see, hear, taste, smell or touch. Delivering unknown data to attention is the power of imagination. Thinking about the unknown is impossible. The undiscovered is imagined. Something new is imagined before thought of. Furthermore, new things become easier to learn, by learning more new things. This is because like a muscle, imagination becomes stronger with conscious use.

Life will grow with the realization that energy desires to become what is imagined. Internal energy feels like inspiration, excitement, and enthusiasm. Develop a relationship with energy. Life wants to show everyone how all things work together as energy. Learn to become familiar with energy.

Qigong is a way to become familiar with energy. A dynamic way to integrate body, mind, breath, and energy. Internal energy circulations are imagined with the mind. The mind training from tracking energy circulations in the body; increases the ability to concentrate. Feeling internal energy movement creates a dynamic awareness of the body. Energetic perception inside of the body is very exciting.  Enthusiasm, excitement, and inspiration can be the building blocks for a new life every day. The fun begins practicing Solar Qigong.