Discover your Internal Energy Now

The Qi Cultivation Club provides easy to follow video lessons about how to practiced Solar Qigong. You can practice with me in the comfort of your home. You can ask questions about your progress with me and others in the club via Discord. Inspired energy is a breath away.

My Story

I have always enjoyed helping people.  Influencing folks to live and grow in a good way is my passion in life. I have the gift of consolation and an empathic understanding of what it means to be human. I have learned over the years, how to convey my understanding Qigong, Taoist Alchemy and Chinese Medicine in an easy to understand way. I now feel a need to pass on what I know to as many people as possible. Above all my sincere hope is that folks will enjoy a direct experience of their own internal energy and join me in the Qi Cultivation Club.




I want to share what works

Hello, I am Professor Qi aka William Goit L.Ac. I have learned a great deal about being human over the years of practicing Acupuncture and Solar Qigong. When I began in 1986, I thought I had a clear understanding of how to heal and console people. I must humbly admit I am still learning. However, decades of helping people have shown me what works and what just sounds good. I now want to share my insight with you. I am distilling what I know into videos, Podcasts, and the written word. Perhaps you may find it useful.