Oneness, Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are concepts that illustrate how seemingly opposite forces depend on each other. The Tai Chi symbol demonstrates this by displaying one half being black and the other half being white. A small dot of black is within the white and a dot of white is within the black. This shows that no phenomena can stand alone. A bit of the opposite resides within all things.    
The black and white fields of the Tai Chi symbol are shaped like a teardrop. This creates an image of motion. Demonstrating the circular transformation of Yin and Yang. The force of Yang upsurges to a crescendo. It then becomes Yin and turns downward. Cold can be described as Yin, while heat is Yang. 
In terms of metabolism, Yin is the substance, the function is Yang.  For example, a neuron is a substance, the function is the action of a neurotransmitter.
Yin and Yang are relative terms describing the polarity of the phenomenal world. Life energy moves this way. expanding and condensing through space creating change and time.                                                                           The dynamics of an interpersonal relationship can be depicted as Yin or Yang. Firmness is Yang. Flexibility is Yin. Being too flexible allows circumstance to push people around for fear of being firm and decisive. Being too firm demands they push others around. Balancing firmness and flexibility is not about what is right or wrong. Rather it is the realization that polarized forces operate optimally when they are balanced.
Look at the Tai Chi symbol, the white and black fields are the same size. Change happens smoothly when Yin and Yang are balanced. Conflict and problems are the result of being too firm or too flexible.
Ideally one embodies firmness within flexibility and flexibility within firmness.
Life is not about either or,  it is both. Allow both sides to exist. Don’t camp too long on one side.  Remain aware of change, not the outcome. There is no conclusion in life. Hoping for life to settle on one side or the other is nothing more than hope. Decide to be happy instead of right.
Ideally, focus on the one Qi before it divides into two. Observe the one Qi transforming into Yin and Yang. From this singular perspective, everything is interacting harmoniously as energy. However, acting or even thinking about taking one side or the other, will trap perception within the paradox of a dualistic perspective.
Human beings are designed to exist in oneness and duality at the same time. The mind can easily maneuver between these seemingly incompatible positions of consciousness. The only thing getting in the way is the stubborn belief in a conclusion and the egocentric addiction to being right.
Perhaps the answer is practice becoming familiar with the sensation of oneness consciousness. Everyone is familiar with the dualistic mindset of good and bad qualities.
What does Oneness feel like?
How do we feel the one Qi that has yet to divide into Yin and Yang?
The one Qi is available to experience right now with the Breath. As energy enters the body via the breath it has no qualities. We add the view of personal experience to energy.
Learn to appreciate pure energy.
Solar Qigong is a way to enjoy time with energy as it is.
Life is dull because todays energy is painted with yesterdays colors. This is a bad habit.
Discover how spending 20 minutes a day practicing Solar Qigong can change that.
Inspiration is energy. Enthusiasm is catching new ideas before thinking. Excitement is the feeling of energy circulating through the body. Becoming familiar with this sensation is what co-creation feels like.
Everything is energy.                                                                                                       What do you want?
Perhaps energy moving will help you find a way.
Become familiar with energy moving. Practice Solar Qigong today.