Single Hand Forward Fan thru Back-Single Whip

  1. In horse stance.
  2. Beat the Qi drum left, right, left right between the heels.
  3. From prayer hands. Inhale, scoop into palm and forearms, holding the Qi in your hand palm up.
  4. Push away from the body, projecting energy out of the palm while turning the hand until the fingers are straight up with the fingers together.
  5. The breath stays long slow and even.
  6. Accent the scooping on the inhales with the mind.
  7. Accent the projection on the exhales with the mind.
  8. The hand then comes back to the breastbone and then scoop with the left hand. Repeat.
  9. The projection out of the palm is coming from the opposite heel while beating the Qi drum. This may take some practice to master.
  1. In horse stance.
  2. Beat the Qi drum left, right, left, right.
  3. With the arms relaxed down hands at waist level.
  4. Fix the left hand, palm down, fingers together,  slightly stretching upward.
  5.  Inhale and suck into the palms and forearm of the right arm.
  6. Slowly raise the right arm in concert with the breath to shoulder level. No higher.
  7. Exhale, blow out of the palm, slowly lowering the arm in concert with the breath.
  8. Now the right hand is the fixed hand.
  9. Raise and suck into the left palm and forearm. Repeat the details.
  10. You are pulling up the electromagnetic field created by the Qi drum beating between the heels.
  11. The fixed hand is holding back the electromagnetic field.
  12. Pull up through it.

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