Forward Fan thru Back_Sideways Fan thru Back


  1. In horse stance.
  2. Beat the Qi drum left, right, left, right between the heels.
  3. Scoop both arms forward like a breaststroke.
  4. Suck energy in the palms and forearms.
  5. Push hands forward with fingers up and together, blowing energy out of the palms.
  6. Slightly bow the spine inward on the scoop. Straightening the spine on the projection forward.
  7. The breath stays long, slow and even. While the movement is continuous. You may notice the exhale being predominate.

  1. In horse stance.
  2. Do not beat the Qi drum between the heels.
  3. From prayer hands. Turn to the right, pivoting at the waist.
  4. Inhale and scoop energy with the right hand.
  5. Shift the weight to the left heel and load energy in that heel. It will feel heavy.
  6. The energy is now in the right palm with the palm facing up. You are holding the Qi.
  7. Push off of the left heel, Exhaling and projecting Qi from the left heel across the body and out of the right hand.
  8. The right hand slowly moves till the fingers are facing up.
  9. The movement is in concert with the breath.
  10. The same details are repeated from the left side.
  11. Move as fast or slow as the breath is being inhaled and exhaled.
  12. Scoop the Qi and pivot from the waist before you begin to push off the opposite heel and project.
  13. Keep the head still.
  14. Turn and pivot at the waist, Do not just turn the head and shoulders.
  15. Shift the weight from foot to foot by bending the knees.
  16. When scooping and weighting the opposite heel, you are coiling up like a snake.
  17. The projection across the body is springing forward yet staying low.
  18. Be graceful.

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