Diagonal Single Whip-Tiger Looks Left and Right


  1. In horse stance.
  2. Do not beat the Qi drum.
  3. begin with the weight on the right foot. Fill the foot with heavy Qi with the mind.
  4. Turn at the waist to the right, scooping Qi into the palm and forearm of the left arm.
  5. The right arm is straight down towards the right foot fixed with the fingers slightly pulled back.
  6. Turn at the waist to the left, projecting Qi out of the back of the left forearm from the right heel.
  7. The weight is now on the left foot, fill it with heavy qi.
  8. The left arm is now straight towards the left foot with the hand in fixed position fingers slightly pulled back.
  9. The right arm has swung across and is near the left arm.
  10. Turn at the waist to the right projecting out of the back of the right arm.
  11. This one takes practice.
  12. The details of the Qi circulation being observed by the mind is more important than the form being perfect.
  13. The breath is even. Though you may notice the breath following the movement. This is fine. You cannot do it wrong. Although strive to get better each time.
  14. Start out slow, then speed up as fast as you can keep track of the details of the Qi circulations. This is mind training.
  15. Slow down again and feel the graceful heavy dense Qi moving across your body from the heel out the back of the arm.
  16. End with a fast tempo.

  1. In horse stance.
  2. Beat the Qi drum left, right, left, right between the heels.
  3. Inhale and scoop Qi into the palms and forearms of both arms in a reversed dog paddle motion towards the Tantian below the navel.
  4. Suck into the Tantian as well.
  5. Slightly bow the spine in the inhales, straightening up on the exhales.
  6. Keep the elbows tucked in, stay compact.
  7. On the exhales blow out the palms while continuing the paddling motion.
  8. The action is fast, furious and intense.
  9. Slow it down and feel closely the Qi flowing in.

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