Horse Stance and Condensing Breathing


  1. Feet slightly wider than shoulders.
  2. Toes slightly in.
  3. Knees slightly out. Like riding a horse.
  4. The pelvis is tucked under, slightly thrust forward.
  5. Feet like suction cups.
  6. Crown searching for the sky as though hanging from a string.
  7. Chin down.
  8. Tongue on the roof of the mouth.
  9. Eyes half opened, half closed. Gazing into infinity ten feet in front of you.

  1. In horse stance.
  2. Turn arms so outside of arms faces forward.
  3. Visualize your skeleton as a stickman.
  4. The centerline of the spine extending from the top of the head to the bottom of the perineum.
  5. The centerline of the arms and legs
  6. Inhale long, slow, even squeezing the sphincters. Imagine energy coming into the stickman from all directions.
  7. Exhale and relax the sphincters.
  8. Inhale and feel energy wrapping around the spine and bones then condensing inward. The feeling is dense, heavy, and electric.

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